Where Your Bicycle Is Most Likely To Get Stolen In San Francisco

This map shows every reported bicycle theft in San Francisco in 2013. Each circle represents one theft. Concentric circles mark where multiple bicycles were stolen in one location. The map is built using SFPD data, Mapbox tiles, D3 and the Leaflet JavaScript API.

Total # of bicycles reported stolen: 813

The trends are somewhat as expected. Market Street between 6th and 4th, the Ferry Building, CCSF, 16th and Mission BART and the general hospital are all popular spots for bike theft. Nonetheless, I still found the dataset interesting.

And just for the hell of it, given the reported data, here's what time your bike is most likely to be stolen (this, of course, is based soley on the victims's statments):

One of the more confusing things about this project was that, when I originally dropped the data on to the map, it looked like this:

It appeared as if dozens of bikes had been stolen from 850 Bryant Street, which didn't make any sense. I then realized that 850 Bryant Street is actually the address of the main SFPD station, which leads me to believe that none of the bikes were actually stolen in that location but, instead, location information just wasn't available for that specific incident and the coordinates of the station were provide as a substitute. Thus, I removed those points from the map.

A couple of tutorials were really helpful in building this project: